Coral Timelapse

2 minute videos of damselfish on corals at One Tree Island in the southern portion of the Great Barrier Reef. Videos are 20x normal speed

I’ve compiled our data we collected at One Tree Island into this video and sped it up. Its kind of mesmerising watching the schools of fish dart in, out, and between the corals.

Science question: Do the Whitetail dascyllus (humbug damselfish) prefer acropra sp. or isopora sp. and can it be quantified?

Adventures at One Tree Island

One Tree Island – April 2019
Music: A Walk in the Woods – Martin O’Donnell & Micheal Salvatori

Went to One Tree Island Reef, a small coral cay in the southern portion of the Great Barrier Reef to study habitat preferences of fish on corals. It’s a beautiful ecosystem that I believe everyone should get to see in their lifetime. Definitely a place worth protecting and the reason why people should care about anthropogenic climate change.