A while back I created a map to help out the WIRES call center operators more quickly identify associated veterinary practices around incoming wildlife rescue calls. Although they may have moved on to different technology since then, here is a public version of the map I’ve created. Who knows this may still help any interested member of the public identify nearby triage centers if they’ve found any injured Australian wildlife in New South Wales they’d like to help out.

The map includes the WIRES regions as well as other wildlife rescue organizations that operate in tandem. Vet practices have been organized into categories of hours of operation as well as specialty. The full-size version includes the all important search function which allows the user to pinpoint a location using Google Maps and helps identify the closest center around with the corresponding layers.

A full size version of the map can be found here

Coral Timelapse

2 minute videos of damselfish on corals at One Tree Island in the southern portion of the Great Barrier Reef. Videos are 20x normal speed

I’ve compiled our data we collected at One Tree Island into this video and sped it up. Its kind of mesmerising watching the schools of fish dart in, out, and between the corals.

Science question: Do the Whitetail dascyllus (humbug damselfish) prefer acropra sp. or isopora sp. and can it be quantified?

Grade Calculator

As a coding exercise and my first dip into Angular JS I thought I’d make a grade calculator to help me estimate grades. I hope it helps anyone interested in estimating your grades needed to pass a course.

The link to the calculator can be found here.