Reminds me of home…

California Mountain King Snake (Lampropeltis zonata)

Hey check out this gorgeous California Mountain King Snake I found making its way through the leaf-litter. King snakes are patterned this way to warn predators that they are venomous. Little do predators know that this snake is non-venomous and is just imitating the patterns of coral snakes which are actually venomous.

Just remember:

Red touches black, you’re OK Jack. Red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow…

Many alive people including Bill Nye

Figure 8 Pools

Figure 8 Pools Adventure

Tianna and I had a day journey to Figure-8 Pools in Royal National Park, NSW. A perfect slice of temperate Australian forests and rocky/epic cliffs. We ended up seeing a couple swamp wallabies and even a red-bellied black snake! Incredible!

So enjoy my first crack at an adventure video. I had a ton of fun out in nature and so should you!