Handsome Kookaburra close ups

This sly laughing kookaburra was putting on a show and didn’t seem like he minded the media attention. Found him at the University of Sydney’s Crommlin Research facility in Pearl Beach.

Quite the photographic birdy.

Reminds me of home…

California Mountain King Snake (Lampropeltis zonata)

Hey check out this gorgeous California Mountain King Snake I found making its way through the leaf-litter. King snakes are patterned this way to warn predators that they are venomous. Little do predators know that this snake is non-venomous and is just imitating the patterns of coral snakes which are actually venomous.

Just remember:

Red touches black, you’re OK Jack. Red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow…

Many alive people including Bill Nye

Figure 8 Pools

Figure 8 Pools Adventure

Tianna and I had a day journey to Figure-8 Pools in Royal National Park, NSW. A perfect slice of temperate Australian forests and rocky/epic cliffs. We ended up seeing a couple swamp wallabies and even a red-bellied black snake! Incredible!

So enjoy my first crack at an adventure video. I had a ton of fun out in nature and so should you!

Hello World!

Hi All,
The website is up and hopefully will continue to develop as my home-base of media. Thanks for checking out my site! Cheers!