Use this tool to assist counting insects for the summer sampling period. Use the Insects page to count the broader taxa and the Beetles page to count the larger necrophilous beeltes. For the larger beetles, some have images and descriptions to them that can help assist the classification of the morpho-species.

You can quickly tally what you find with the hotkeys listed below (or by clicking) and copy the results to your computer's clipboard in a table format.

Just a warning, there is no undo button!


Select insect to tally
Add or subtract 1 to the selected insect tally
Enter Add specified amount to the selected insect tally. Alternatively switching selection will add the specified amount. (Works with negative numbers too.)


Reset Reset the count back to 0 for all taxa
Copy Copy the current count to your computer's clipboard. The result is copied as an html table that should be able to readable by MS Excel to make it easier to add to the data table.